Our cure for dog alopecia

What is alopecia ?

Alopecia is a total or partial fall of the hair, revealing depilated areas. This skin problem may be genetic but also results from grooming that does not respect the nature of the dog's hair.
Dog with alopecia
Dog with alopecia
Dog with alopecia
Dog with alopecia
Cutting too short the fur of dogts with an undercoat (like Spitz) may severely damage the hair and prevent it from growing back.
But this phenomenon can be treated and repaired according to the nature of the hair thanks to cures that we propose. For this, in order to optimize the treatment put in place, it is important to come regularly to our Spa, at the rate of every week for a period that we will define for you.
The time of the cure will depend on the diagnosis made beforehand in the salon.

What treatment do we use ?

Hair treatment with orange extract
Prevents hair loss and regulate the seborrhea.
Highly energetic during the different phases of growth, this treatment is suitable for any type of texture. The combined action of citrus and silicones (plant) properties ensures protection and prevents hair loss.
Shampoo with extract of placenta
Helps fight hair loss and promotes hair growth. Made with placenta extract, it is suitable for animals that lose their hair, have dandruff or dull coat. 
Concentrated conditioner
To nourish the hair. 
Thanks to the properties of keratin, it allows to deeply nourish the dermis and the hair ensuring the welfare of the animal.
Energizing serum
To strengthen the hair.
Energizing serum easily absorbed. Studied for thin hairs that need strengthening of the capillary mass. Without rinsing, it is enriched with bioactive organic keratin that has a sheathing effect on the hair stem, from root to tip.