Brit's superpremium dog kibbles are available !
All their recipes are gluten-free, GMO-free & preservative-free, with natural components and at least 40% meat.
Available online and in store, your pet is going to love Brit !

Chicken kibbles for puppies
Chicken kibbles for adults
Lamb kibbles for adults
Salmon & Rice kibbles for adults

About Brit :

Brit fresh is a new line of holistic pet foods carefully produced with large amounts of fresh meat and other nutritious ingredients.The formulas are rich in natural sources of amino acids for healthy muscles and tissues, and the freshly prepared meat gives them fantastic flavour, improves long-term food intake, and provides dogs with excellent motivation. They also contain natural vegetables, fruits, and herbs to balance the overall nutrient profile. The selection of daily varieties is sure to please every canine lover of good and wholesome food.“

40% fresh meat in dry food
  • Holistically formulated
  • Provides necessary amounts of essential nutrients
  • Improved food intake even in very picky dogs
  • Wholesome ingredients from local sources
  • Natural source of amino acids