The incredible transformations of the Spa Petsochic are just magic !

But it's not only's an exceptional expertise

Our expert groomers are also cosmetologists and their profession no longer have secret for them. No matter the breed, age or size of your dog, the results are always breathtaking!
Example in images of metamorphosed (and happy) dogs after their grooming session.

They trust us

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Mojo the Spitz of Milla Jasmine / @millajasmineoff
Twenty One, Thylane Blondeau's dog / @thylaneblondeau
Ozo the cotton of Tulear
Gasper the little Westie
Ouzo the Airdale Terrier
Nala, the pretty Royal Doodle
Maya the fluffly Samoyede / @foreverdogtraining

A 5 star spa for your pet

The Spa Petsochic is the only place in France doing cosmetology for pets. Breed, age, type of hair and skin hydration....the whole typology of your pet is taken into account during the grooming session. We use high end creams made in Italy and select the best ingredients like real caviar that will give a smooth fur to your dog. Thanks to our high-quality cosmetic products, our experts will offer a treatment entirely adapted to your dog.
Because they’re worth it !

Opening hour :
Monday-Saturday : 9.30am-7pm

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Cutting-edge equipment and a custom-made interior

  • Rediscover luxury in a unique grooming salon located in the heart of Paris
  • Italian shower, cutting-edge equipment and custom-made interior decorated and designed by our fabulous artist Walter Glassof

  • We value your dog's privacy. This is why you can only enter the Spa through the backdoor with a private passcode. Our spa is "behind closed doors" for a more intimate moment


Beauty and cosmetics experience

This service includes bathing with our products adapted to your dog’s coat and skin, as well as a small cut at the feet and head, to give them back their shape.

Our beauty experience is much more than a dog grooming experience. Our goal is to improve the health of both the hair and the skin of your dog. For any of our dog grooming services, we will provide a custom care based on the type of hair and breed of your dog as well as his skin characteristics.

The beauty experience include

  • An hydrating mask and a unique massage will be provided at the beginning of each Spa. We let the mask on your dog's hair for at least 30 minutes so that your dog gets the full benefit of it. Depending on if you dog is a short hair dog, middle or long hair, the mask will not be the same.
  • A shampoo and after shampoo based on the sensitivity level of your dog's skin and his need depending on the season (winter or summer, based on the vitamins your dog need). We also have specific shampoos for sensitive skins with Aloe Vera and an anti-flea treatment.
  • Exclusive nourishing oils so as to improve the quality of the skin. We use 3 category of oils : hydrating, nourishing and treating/calming. Depending on your dog's need we will apply coconut, jojoba honey or many other kind of oils.
  • We always give you a free beauty diagnostic at the end of each session, so that you can have good habits at home (how to properly brush your dog, his skin sensitivity etc).

Haircut ✂️

This service includes the full cosmetics experience but also a precise cut on the pet's body in order to make a real haircut, whether it is with scissors or using the clipper. Haircut is suitable for dogs with medium to long hairs, such as Spitz, Australian Shepherds, Maltese Bichon...and more.

Hair removal

Epilation is the method used on dogs with hard hair or requiring this kind of grooming. Grooming is longer, handmade with suitable equipment.
It is a recommended practice for hard-haired dogs such as Fox terriers, Westies, Scottish terriers or Cairn terriers. The dead hair does not fall spontaneously, so it must be removed
It can only be performed under conditions for optimal result and without suffering for the animal.

  • This service includes bath and beauty treatment

On the menu

Our prices are based on the breed of your dog.

Details of our services :

  • The bath and beauty treatment