Dog and Cat poisoning, what poisons are hiding in your home?

Most of the pet owners already know that they should avoid pets from exposure to some harmful things like pesticides, bleach and chocolate etc. But chances are that you may not be aware of the other poisonous things that are available at your home and may cause huge harm to your pet.
There are many common household items that may cause considerable harm to your pet. Below we have highlighted few such items to help you save dogs and cats from getting exposed to such things:


Over the counter medications

Some of you may think that human and animal medications may have some common stuff inside. But it is surprising to know that some essential human medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen etc. can be toxic to your pet. The sweet outer coating of these tablets may look appealing to the pets, but they can pose serious harm to their health. hence, it is always important to keep them far from the reach of your furry friends.

Fabric softener sheets

You may be using dryer sheets to disperse the static cling from your fabrics, and it is usually done by applying some chemical coating from outside. The sad truth is that these fabrics can cause major harm to your pet. Their fragrant smell appears too good to the animals as well, and they may ingest the sheet. Experts advise being careful about using dryer sheets when you have pets at home.


The common household batteries have chemical-rich composition and they can pose serious risk to the health of your pet. Even if the pet doesn’t swallow the battery; even the leak out from the punctured battery is more toxic to their body. In case if your dog or cat chew some battery-operated toy of your kid it is important to provide him serious treatment. Prefer to keep such toys and other battery-powered accessories away from your pet.

Sugar-free gums

You may have kept some sugar free gums at home, especially if there are some diabetic patients in the family. But the Xylitol substance present in these mints or gums is deadly to the pets. It can spike the insulin levels in the dog’s body. As a result their blood sugar level may reduce below threshold level and it may even take away their life. Note that Xylitol is also found in candy, toothpaste, mouthwash, and chewable vitamins as well.

Grapes and raisins

You will be surprised to know that even grapes are also harmful to your pets. Also, the dried version of grapes; raisins, also cause huge harm to the dogs. Even if your pet consumes a very small amount of these substances, it may cause huge harm to his health due to fatally toxic content.
Some of the most common symptoms of pet poisoning are weakness, excessive thirst, abnormal behavior, drooling, loss of appetite, lethargy, seizures, diarrhea, and vomiting as well. If you observe any such symptoms, it is better to rush for emergency medical treatment.