Cranberry : the best antioxidant for your dog

Unlike human beings, dogs have not been blessed with the privilege to relate out their feelings whenever in distress; instead of surfacing the symptoms of their disabilities directly, they tend to become restless, agitated and exhibits abnormalities in their regular lives. Considering the ever-swelling adulteries that are being readily amalgamated into dog foods and supplements, serving them with an effective antioxidant to maintain a healthy balance has become imperative. Cranberry supplements are one of the most frequently resorted recourses when it comes to cleansing the dogs’ system of all the accumulated toxins and fabricating a safeguard to keep it away from life-threatening diseases including cardiovascular and kidney malfunctions. 

Cranberries are indeed packed with generous portions of antioxidants and nutrients which when received by the dogs help them strengthen their immune system and reduce pain by curbing inflammation. When it comes to making certain that your dog is healthy and has formed a sturdy resistance against life-threatening illnesses, antioxidants are indispensable. In the following bit, we will be jotting down some of the benefits that your pet will be subjected to if you curate its meals with an appropriate amount of cranberry supplements each day. 


Combats bladder stones 

Apart from thoroughly cleansing their bodies, cranberry can combat the urine irregularities and infections that make the dogs prone to struvite stones and crystals in their bladders. Not only are the symptoms painful and thus, incredibly glaring but, are capable of leading to a series of other tribulations if not attended while there’s still time. Common signs such as little urine, straining while urinating and the like clearly indicate that the dogs must be sufficed with treatment at the earliest. Nonetheless, we can out move any further without accepting that it is essentially UTI that causes the formation of the stones at first place but cranberries and their antioxidant content are capable of degenerating and dissolving them. 


Eliminates unwanted bacteria 

There are fundamentally two varieties of pathogenic bacteria namely the good and the bad and both of them breeds in the urinary tract of your dog and are eliminated from the body through urine from time to time. Nonetheless, the issue initiates from the point where some foreign bacteria start attaching themselves with the ones already present in the bladder lining and the whole of the urinary tract. As soon as they activate themselves in the fitting conditions, they start modifying the normal arrangement hence, encouraging symptoms like frequent urination, blood discharge, burning sensation and such other irritations around the genitals. This is when the antioxidant quality of cranberry comes into play; it generates a substance termed as proanthocyanidins which are compounds to remove the harmful bacteria from the bladder and urinary tract. Therefore, just like the pathogenic bacteria, these disruptive components too, are seamlessly flushed out from their bodies and consequently labeling dogs as safe from the agonizing infections. 

Among the many healthy ingredients that make up our Petsogood dog kibbles, you will also find cranberry. A super ingredient essential to the well-functioning of his body. Discover our delicious chicken or lamb recipes, your dog will love them!

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We recommend you to introduce your dog to cranberry only after consulting a veterinarian about its initial dosage so that it doesn’t upset its stomach or lead to any other form of risks in the future.