5 good reasons to take your dog to work

Bringing pets to your workplace ushers a change in your workplace atmosphere, giving rise to a positive vibe and provoking a stronger bond among the employees. The office environment loosens up and employees become more comfortable at the office, willing to work longer hours. Several companies nowadays have come up with dog-owner playgroups. There are other companies that focus on providing free pet training. Pampering sessions are also offered through services such as
grooming and dog spas. Workplaces such as Amazon, Google, Ben & Jerry's, and Etsy are welcoming pets more frequently and here, it is gradually becoming increasingly common to bring your pets in the office. Further research shows that 17% of employers support pet-friendly workplace strategies.

Taking you dog to work comes with numerous benefits. Though, initially, it might seem to be an indulgence to sentimental dog owners. Nonetheless, if one probes deeper and seek for an in-depth analysis, it turns out that there are
some solid grounds as to why a dog-friendly attitude in the workplace should be encouraged.


  • Dogs Provide Emotional Support 

Dogs are only such pets that bestows immense social support to their humans. Whenever your four-legged friend sits beside you, you can sense their genuine
and unconditional love. This makes us feel happy. Generally, they don't care if you are frustrated or feeling down; they love you anyway. A dog always becomes cheerful and happy around their owners, totally oblivion of the other related conditions around. Hence, quite obviously, taking them to your office will make everyone feel better. Having additional emotional support beside you at your work adds a bonus point.


  • Helps in Stress Release

A study conducted in 2012 found that the individuals who brought their
dogs to work showed a decrease in hormonal stress levels compared to those who didn't bring any pets to work. Bringing your dog to work helps in reducing stress, making the staff more relaxed and creating an overall happy office environment.


  • Dogs Enhance Employee Performances

When the employees are allowed to take their dogs to work, the employees tend to work for longer hours. Fewer absences have also been noticed
on those days. The pet-owners, having their pets beside them, cease to worry about rushing home to take their dogs out for a walk or look after them in general.


  • Dogs Act as an Ice Breaker

Our pet friends provoke social bondings in the workplace. Be it the boss or the coworkers, none can resist petting the canine co-worker. This process evokes a
healthy communication. Employees feel friendlier and an easier way of interaction is incited, which otherwise would have been much difficult.


  • Pets Boost Company's Reputation

The majority of the clients have given a positive response while interacting with their employees pets. They mostly enjoy their visit to the business on
such days. This helps in softening of the company's image.  Allowing a "Take your dog to work day" makes a business progressive and successful.